Gender Male
Age Child
Life state Human
Parents VaggySunshine KPopp and Anthony Springer
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Thin
Traits Loves the Outdoors, Neurotic, Light Sleeper
Other information
First appearance Episode 22

AWKWARD KPopp is VaggySunshine's first child, and one of Kelly's grandchildren. He was born as part of the first batch at the Baby Farm, right when Ruben Z. Dix was being yelled at by Marjorie Madrigal for trying for a baby with Leeann Diamond immediately after he had tried for a baby with her. Right when KPopp was stating how awkward the situation was, VaggySunshine gave birth, so she named the child AWKWARD, to fit the then current situation.

AWKWARD was aged up to a child and kicked out with Sludge Hooker, EarthQuack and Slut Muffin KPopp. KPopp tried to age him to a teenager, but the game seemed not to want to, possibly because she had just aged up the other two in the batch, and it couldn't cope.


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