Anthony Springer
Name Anthony Springer
Gender Male
Life state Vampire (turned)
Career Butler
Children Slut Muffin, EarthQuack, AWKWARD, Pussy Popper
Hair color Brunette
Traits Lucky, Angler, Family-Oriented, Brave, Neat
Sign Leo
Other information
Baby mommas Sludge Hooker,

Slutty M., VaggySunshine, Cinderblock

First appearance Episode 21

Anthony Springer was the first baby daddy of the Baby Farm, and yet another butler to be used in this challenge. KPopp commented on what a lucky guy he was because he got all these women, but maybe not because he gets all the kids too. Of course, by trying for a baby with Sludge Hooker, Slutty M. and VaggySunshine he caused a lot of drama in the household. Kelly would have had a baby with him too had she not been pregnant already (with Anal Dribble KPopp). Sludge Hooker slapped Anthony for cheating on her. He was consequently not happy with the KPopp family so he quit his job in Episode 22, even though he never even had to clean anything.

I quit. I am above the way you treat me here. Good day. I said Good Day!

–Anthony Springer, quitting his job

KPopp invited Anthony over to impregnate VaggySunshine in Episode 24, mistakenly thinking that he was one of Kelly's Baby Daddies and had not had kids with Kelly's kids. Also, he was listed as a romantic interest for VaggySunshine so KPopp thought it would be an easy pregnancy. They had a date, but KPopp was too busy getting Hookah Boots some chicks over the street to pay attention to them.

In Episode 39 KPopp invited Anthony over again in order to get VaggySunshine pregnant, presumably forgetting that he had already had a baby with her. They WooHooed but she did not get pregnant.

In Episode 47 he was once again invited back to the KPopp household this time to impregnate Cinderblock. They had a mildly sucessful date in which Anthony was turned into a vampire by Cinderblock and ended with WooHoo in a haystack that resulted in a pregnancy. That child was born in Episode 49, and is called Pussy Popper KPopp.