Aunty Anna
Anorexia "Aunt Ana" KPopp
Name Anorexia "Aunt Ana" KPopp
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Life state Alive
Species Human
Career Pregnant Challenge
Siblings VaggySunshine KPopp Sims 4
Children KPopp family tree
Hair color Dark Brown
Body shape Thin
Traits Goofball
Alluring (Bonus Trait)
Lifetime wish/aspiration Hopeful Romantic
Other information
Game The Sims 4
Baby daddies List of baby daddies and mommas
First appearance Episode 9 (The Sims 4)

Life in Oasis SpringsEdit

In Episode 9 of the second series of the Pregnant Challenge, Anorexia was reintroduced as "Aunt Ana" and was revealed to be replacing VaggySunshine for the legacy carrier, as well as adopt the only three kids VaggySunshine had in the series; which were Vulva SmilesTentacle Testi and Pee Stain KPopp. The introduction given to Anorexia and to the viewers, were a collection of Aunt Ana's life from the previous Pregnant Challenge.

Aunt Ana was then taken out and about in the town, where she was taken to the town park, where Aunt Ana had met Malcolm Weathers. After the usual friendly to flirty conversation, Aunt Ana brought home Malcolm as a date and started doing the deeds that were given by the game. She then WooHoo'ed with him and soon after the intercourse, KPopp immediately took her to the toilet to check if she's pregnant, in which she is.

After getting pregnant again in Episode 16, in Episode 17 her son Herpes KPopp got married to Summer Holiday. Ana was nearly going to be the cook for the event, but she wasn't picked. In Episode 18 she kicked out Pee Stain and Herpes, and the two of them stayed with Herpes's wife, Summer Holiday, and her roommates. Aunt Ana decided to visit them and flirt with Summer's roommates, but one of them managed to get away and go to work.

Her more recent children include, Butter Balls, Catastrophe, Cheese Puff, Cheesy Vagina, Hashtag, Meow and Squishy KPopp.


  • Aunt Ana and Malcolm on a date, at Ana's house.
  • Aunt Ana, on her first day, already exposed herself! She truly is a KPopp!
  • After releasing Colt's soul into the netherworld, Ana is sad, even if she didn't know him.
  • Aunt Ana in a flirty mood.
  • Aunt Ana in a happy mood.
  • Aunt Ana in a fine mood.

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