Binge eating baby
Binge-Eating Kpopp
Name Binge-Eating Kpopp
Gender Female
Age Baby
Life state Human
Parents Anorexia KPopp and Narwhal Rumplestilt
Traits Couch Potato
Other information
First appearance Episode 30

Binge-Eating KPopp is one of Kelly's grandchildren and the second child of Anorexia. The family tree is a bit messy now, as Narwhal impregnated Anorexia (and her niece Bitch Pudding) then married Anorexia's mother Kelly. So Binge-Eating is Narwhal's daughter and step-granddaughter. Not long after she was born, Binge-Eating and her brother/nephew,  Accident II were kicked out along with Narwhal.


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