Cameron winn ep16d
Cameron Winn
Name Cameron Winn
Gender Male
Life state Human
Career Paparazzi
Children Diabeetus KPopp
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 16

Cameron Winn is the twelfth baby daddy of the challenge, and father to Kelly KPopp's sixteenth child, Diabeetus.

KPopp told Kelly to break up with him once she was pregnant, and Kelly dumped him a second time because she is such a bitch. He hung around crying a lot so Kelly just left him alone. He used this opportunity to turn paparazzi and take pictures of Kelly while she was sleeping.

In episode 49, Cameron was on their property as a paparazzi when Kelly aged-transitioned him. She had forgotten that Cameron was Diabeetus's father and that is why he was crying.

No you don't care Diabeetus you didn't even like him.