Chris P. Nutts
Name Chris P. Nutts
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Athletic
Traits Avant Garde, Socially Awkward, Rebellious, Ambitious, Kleptomaniac
Lifetime wish/aspiration Street Credible
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Vegetarian Dim Sum
Favorite color Orange
Other information
Baby mommas VaggySunshine KPopp
First appearance Episode 42

Chris P. Nutts was the main character of KPopp's University Life Lets Play before he appeared in the pregnant challenge. KPopp designed him to be the perfect image of a hipster archtype from the college she went to. Chris P. was also said to go both ways as long as his nuts can get crispy. The first day of University, his faternity threw a swimsuit party with no pool, just with the soul purpose of streaking. Chris P. decided to be a real man and he went to the sororeity to streak and heckle women. When this didn't work, he sent a secret admirer text to his roomate Harold Aseange or as Kelly called him "ass man". In the second and last University Lets Play, Chris P. was shown skipping class, streaking and going to parties constantly. Its likely Chris P. Nuts was thrown out of University or it was just too main stream for him and forced to move to the neighborhood the KPopps live in. 

The Pregnant ChallengeEdit

A while after the University Life Lets Play, in episode 51, VaggySunshine talked to Chris P. on an online dating website. When VaggySunshine called him over, they talked for a bit, then went right to try for a baby in the treehouse but the pregnant tune wasn't heard because the camera was panned away. After Chris P. and VaggySunshine were done and Cinderblock couldn't win over Walter Atwood, she went for Chris P. But right after she greeted him, he said Cinderblock had issues and left. 

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