Well, I guess that's what she gets for going for the step-son right in front of her fenced-off husband!

KPopp, when Colt and VaggySunshine died

Colt Wurth was son of Tom Wurth and Jasmine Wurth, brother of Carolina Wurth, and step-son of VaggySunshine KPopp.

Early LifeEdit

In Episode 5 of The Sims 4 series, child Colt was the first Wurth to be seen in the house when VaggySunshine, Vulva Smiles and Tentacle Testi visited. Tentacle Testi and Colt got along really well which resulted in Vulva Smiles being excluded.

Later LifeEdit

In Episode 6, Colt and his family were fenced off so they would die off since VaggySunshine now had their house. When they were still fenced, Colt was aged up to a teen. KPopp freed Colt by teleporting him so VaggySunshine could flirt with him.


After KPopp realised that VaggySunshine couldn't flirt with Colt, both VaggySunshine and Colt urinated themselves which resulted in them dying from embarrassment.

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