Cornell riffin e
Cornell Riffin
Name Cornell Riffin
Gender Male
Life state Vampire
Parents Clement Riffin, Clarissa Riffin
Siblings Calvin Riffin, Chantrelle Riffin
Children Cinderblock KPopp, Butt Knocker KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Thin
Traits Virtuoso, Excitable, Daredevil, Snob
Sign Scorpio
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Cookies
Favorite color Orange
Other information
First appearance Episode 10

Cornell Riffin is the first vampire baby daddy of the series, and the father of Kelly's only vampire children, Cinderblock and Butt Knocker. Kelly knocked on his door and instantly started to flirt despite just finding out she was pregnant with Miles Schipano's children. She also saw Chantrelle Riffin, and assumed she was Cornell's partner when she is in fact his sister.

As soon as she had given birth to her twins, she invited Cornell round and managed to try for a baby with him despite having two screaming toddlers around the house.

As he is a vampire, Kelly got the "Hunted" moodlet from being in his house.

He is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.