Cruz martingale ep12 profile
Cruz Martingale
Name Cruz Martingale
Gender Male
Life state Deceased
Species Human
Parents Sofia Martingale
Hair color Black
Body shape Fit
Traits Slob, Vehicle Enthusiast, Vegetarian, Grumpy
Sign Cancer
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Sushi
Favorite color Red
Other information
First appearance Episode 8

Cruz Martingale is one of the pre-made Sims living in Appaloosa Plains and can be found on the Sims Wiki here.

Cruz first appeared in the Pregnant Challenge in Episode 8 when he made the mistake of jogging past Kelly KPopp's house. She took a cab to catch up with him and try to snag him as a baby daddy. He seemed attracted to her, as hearts floated around their heads when she introduced herself.

There seems to be an invisible magnet that just draws us to one other

–Cruz, upon meeting Kelly KPopp

He quite happily came back to Kelly's house with her, but with all the teenagers around it was hard for KPopp to find them somewhere to try for a baby. She bought a hot tub to try and remedy this, but he got out and ran away when Kelly asked him to try for a baby with her.

Kelly invited him over again in Episode 9 after Miles Schipano ran away from her, and he said he'd come right over. He yelled at Kelly (presumably accusing her of cheating) and rejected her flowers. He screamed in her face and Kelly couldn't resolve the situation so she just asked him to leave.

His profile appeared when Kelly searches the online dating site in Episode 12, but he soon became an elder in Episode 13. A death notification for Cruz appeared in Episode 43.

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