Daron Byrd
Name Daron Byrd
Gender Male
Life state Witch
Children Sharla KPopp, Jerry KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Traits Snob, Over-Emotional, Genius
Other information
Baby mommas Anorexia KPopp

At one point KPopp was hoping Daron Byrd would marry VaggySunshine and have to deal with all of her kids by other men, but he proved difficult to get to know. When VaggySunshine confessed to cheating he screamed in her face.

Not long after KPopp added the Supernatural expansion pack, Daron became a witch.

In Episode 36 Daron and VaggySunshine finally tried for a baby, but she didn't get pregnant. Bitch Pudding tried to steal him away but KPopp stopped her as she was already pregnant (with Tallywacker). Then, Anorexia swooped in and tried for a baby with Daron. We heard the pregnant jingle, but Anorexia was kicked out before they were born, meaning she got to name Daron's children. She had twins, a girl and a boy, and named them Sharla and Jerry.