Delbert Sheehan
Name Delbert Sheehan
Gender Male
Life state Human
Children Anal Circus KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Traits Over-Emotional
Other information
Baby mommas Anorexia KPopp
First appearance Episode 25

Delbert Sheehan was at Judd Schipano's party, and this is where he and Anorexia KPopp hooked up. He was her first baby daddy, and father of her first child, Anal Circus.

Anorexia was originally trying to get Judd to like her but when he wouldn't have babies with her she moved onto Delbert because he had the same hair style. They tried for a baby in the shower, with Judd sleeping next door. Soon after, Anorexia dumped him and as he is over-emotional, Delbert was very upset.

He appeared again in episode 49 as an elder werewolf and VaggySunshine KPopp tried for a baby with him, and got bitten by him.