Duck face nose job
Duck Face KPopp
Name Duck Face KPopp
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp
Jaime Whitney
Hair color Bald
Body shape Thin
Traits Clumsy
Sign Scorpio
Other information
Baby mommas Gwen Glover
First appearance Episode 17

Duck Face KPopp is Kelly KPopp's seventeenth child, and the son of butler Jaime Whitney. Sadly Duck Face was forgotten about during the excitement of Hairy Vag's birth, in the same way that OthaWhiteMeat was overshadowed by VaggySunshine.

Early lifeEdit

KPopp was disappointed because, like Sewage Skank, he was bald even as a child. He was kicked out along with VaggySunshine, TittySprinkle, Ruben Z. Dix and Diabeetus.

Because of the age-transition cheat, Duck Face actually became a child before his older brother Diabeetus

Current lifeEdit

Duck Face really wants a relationship with his mother in spite of the way she neglected him. He phoned her up to have a chat many times, but Kelly didn't care.

Duck Face has now been brought back to the active KPopp family in order to make some babies. He is clearly jealous of other KPopps as he has been know to yell at and even slap other family members. He got Gwen Glover pregnant, but the name of his child is unknown.

In episode 43, Duck Face was aged up into an adult. In episode 45, he received a nose job.


  • Oh no, not another bald kid...
  • Still bald as a child...
Duck Face KPopp is a Boss

KPopp gives her best Duck Face as she names the seventeenth child of Kelly KPopp