The Sims 3 Horse Porn at the Gym O.o #10 ( Pregnant Challenge )
Upload date February 12th, 2013
Births Sewage Skank KPopp, Slutty M. KPopp
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Cornell Riffin, Chantrelle Riffin
Kicked out
Kicked Out Anorexia KPopp, Sludge Hooker KPopp, Hookah Boots KPopp, Pig Shanks KPopp, Road Waste KPopp, Dick Ballswor KPopp

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The Sims 3 - Horse Porn at the Gym O

The Sims 3 - Horse Porn at the Gym O.o 10 ( Pregnant Challenge )

The main protagonist heads over to the gym to meet a future baby daddy, however unsuccessful. Then later, she heads out to the dog park, however her first born son is only there. Then later, The main protagonist heads to a household, however an paparazzi appears. Then later, the second born child becomes an adult and moves out with the other children. Then later, The main protagonist becomes a B-List celebrity and the pet was taken away because of neglect. The main protagonist has twins and invites her baby daddy for the next baby.


Kelly heads over to the gym to meet men, but it wasn't very successful. A Sim is stuck in the wall there. Kelly heads to the dog park but Accident is the only Sim there. Kelly goes to the Riffin household. A Paparazzi appears outside. Anorexia becomes an adult. Kelly becomes a B-List Celebrity. The kids all move out. Jump ahead to just Kelly (Mango got taken away because of neglect) in the house. She has the twins, then invites Cornell over to try for the next baby.