The Sims 3 - Babies with Alien!? #11 ( Seasons )
Upload date February 16th, 2013
Births Cinderblock KPopp, Butt Knocker KPopp
Pregnancies Kelly KPopp by Cornell Riffin
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Cora Cathey, Xias Pollination Technician, Erick Lassiter
Kicked out
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Episode 10 Episode 12
The Sims 3 - Babies with Alien!? Pregnant Challenge 11 ( Seasons )

The Sims 3 - Babies with Alien!? Pregnant Challenge 11 ( Seasons )

The main protagonist tries for a baby with the baby daddy. Then later, the main protagonist tries to adopt a pet, however she can't. Then later, a paparazzi appeared in the main protagonist's backyard and stayed there for days. A new baby daddy appears in the lot, where the main protagonist invited him in. Then later, KPopp delivers a new set of twins and they were discovered to be vampires. Then later, one of the twins' birthday cake caught on fire, when they were trying to celebrate it's birthday. Then later, the baby daddy comes over to the KPopp household. He and the main protagonist were about to make babies, however he dies before doing so.


Kelly tries for a baby with Cornell. She tries to pet a raccoon, but can't. Cora Cathey hangs around in her yard for days then turns Paparazzi. Xias appears on the lot and Kelly invites him in. Another Paparazzi appears. The vampire twins are born. Cinderblock's birthday cake catches on fire. Xias comes over and dies just before he and Kelly were going to try for a baby.