The Sims 3 - MY FACE?! Pregnant Challenge #16
Upload date March 11th, 2013
Births None
Pregnancies Kelly KPopp by Cameron Winn
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Cameron Winn
Kicked out
Kicked Out None

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Episode 15 Episode 17
The household doors were unlocked, when the creator of the series realizes that they were locked. Afterwards, a paparazzi dies nearby the KPopp household where the main protagonist laughed evily. Then later, she explores the town and leaves her child behind when she goes home. Then later, she invites her collage friends over and meets a new baby daddy, where he impregnates her. After their breakup, the baby daddy turns into a paparazzi and takes pictures of her. Some of the supposed-to-be baby daddies came over, but the main protagonist is already pregnant.


KPopp realises the doors were locked, so she now unlocks them. Cora Cathey dies, and Kelly laughs evilly at this Paparazzi's demise. This death made Xias's grave reappear. Kelly explores the town and leaves Ruben Z. Dix behind when she comes home. She invites some of her college friends over. She meets Cameron and they try for a baby. When she dumps him, he turns Paparazzi and takes pictures of her. Ronnie and Mugsy visit but Kelly is already pregnant.


The Sims 3 - MY FACE?! Pregnant Challenge 1619:06

The Sims 3 - MY FACE?! Pregnant Challenge 16

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