The Sims 3 - Baby Covered by Snow - Pregnant Challenge #17
Upload date March 12, 2013
Births Diabeetus KPopp

Duck Face KPopp

Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Jaime Whitney
Kicked out
Kicked Out None

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Episode 16 Episode 18
The main protagonist hires a butler and afterwards the deceased paparazzi appears. Then later, two of the kicked out KPopp children was discovered partying with the other rejected children of the main protagonist. Then later, a deceased baby daddy appears and afterwards the creator of the series discovers a child buried in snow. Then later, she reaches the maximum number of memories and afterwards goes to a party, where a new child was born.


Kelly hires a butler. Cora's ghost appears. Kelly has her baby, and gets pregnant by the butler. KPopp discovers that VaggySunshine and TittySprinkle are partying with the rejected KPopp kids. The ghost of Xias appears. KPopp discovers Diabeetus buried in snow. Kelly KPopp reaches the max number of memories. Kelly goes to a party. Duck Face is born.


The Sims 3 - Baby Covered by Snow - Pregnant Challenge 17 (University Life)19:02

The Sims 3 - Baby Covered by Snow - Pregnant Challenge 17 (University Life)

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