The Sims 3 - BEST SIM EVER - Pregnant Challenge 1915:25

The Sims 3 - BEST SIM EVER - Pregnant Challenge 19

The Sims 3 - BEST SIM EVER - Pregnant Challenge #19
Upload date March 21st, 2013
Births Hairy Vag KPopp
Pregnancies None
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Evan Noble, Oriole Bird, Sutter Horse (to later become The Clap KPopp)
Kicked out
Kicked Out None

Episode guide
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Episode 18 Episode 20

Kelly goes to a party, where we see Vallari is now a vampire. KPopp kills Oriole, Stacia and Evan by age-transitioning them as elders. Kelly goes home again, but is super depressed from the deaths. Kelly comes across a unicorn but does not successfully add him to the family this time. Kelly's college friends arrive. The alien ghost baby is born and he instantly becomes a legend.

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