The Sims 3 - THE BABY FARM BEGINS! 21 Pregnant Challenge-020:13

The Sims 3 - THE BABY FARM BEGINS! 21 Pregnant Challenge-0

The Sims 3 - THE BABY FARM BEGINS! - Pregnant Challenge #21
Upload date April 2nd, 2013
Births Anal Dribble KPopp
Pregnancies Sludge Hooker KPopp, Slutty M. KPopp and VaggySunshine KPopp all by Anthony Springer
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Anthony Springer, Anal Dribble KPopp
Kicked out
Kicked Out Hairy Vag KPopp, Sewage Skank KPopp, Cinderblock KPopp

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Episode 20 Episode 22

KPopp decides to make a Baby Farm. So Kelly KPopp moves, leaving Hairy Vag behind. She heads out and recruits loads of her daughters, and builds them a house. Cinderblock is aged up and collapses at her graduation. Once she starts getting everyone pregnant (by the butler) KPopp finds out she can't have that many in the family has to kick some of them back out.

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