The Sims 3 - PREGNANCY PARTY! - 23 Pregnant Challenge16:01

The Sims 3 - PREGNANCY PARTY! - 23 Pregnant Challenge

The Sims 3 - PREGNANCY PARTY - #23 Pregnant Challenge
Upload date April 6, 2013
Births None
Pregnancies Mona Holbrook by Ruben Z. Dix KPoppKelly KPopp by Voohon VajjerSlutty M. KPopp by Voohon Vajjer
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Boyd Aldridge, Mona HolbrookVoohon Vajjer
Kicked out
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Episode 22 Episode 24

Ruben Z. Dix is kicked out of the house with all the women. All the babies are aged up and kicked out, along with Sludge Hooker. Kelly throws a party. Boyd Aldridge leaves before Kelly can try for a baby with him. Similarly, Vallari Chandra leaves before Ruben Z. Dix tries for a baby with her. Again, Voohon Vajjer leaves before VaggySunshine can try for a baby with him.

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