The Sims 3 - Rest in Peace '( - Pregnant Challenge 2427:06

The Sims 3 - Rest in Peace '( - Pregnant Challenge 24

The Sims 3 - Rest in Peace :'( - Pregnant Challenge #24
Upload date April 10, 2013
Births Kendrick MadrigalKeenan DiamondNolan Jasper
Pregnancies Marjorie Madrigal by Hookah Boots KPoppJazlyn Parrott by Hookah Boots KPopp
Introduced Sims
Kicked out
Episode guide
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Episode 23 Episode 25

KPopp decides to add Hairy Vag to the family but he's stuck in the mansion., so she recruits Hookah Boots for the Baby Farm. VaggySunshine invites Anthony Springer over, despite already having a child with him. Hookah Boots visits the "Sports, Spice and Everything Nice" household and impregnates Marjorie Madrigal. Kelly and Hookah Boots go to the Parrott household, steal the cat, and impregnate one of them. KPopp accidentally kills Poppy Cat. During this episode, the mystery of the wieners began.

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