The Sims 3 - UNICORN SURPRISE! - Pregnant Challenge #35
Upload date May 11, 2013
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims The Clap KPopp
Kicked out
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The Sims 3 - UNICORN SURPRISE! - Pregnant Challenge 3519:21

The Sims 3 - UNICORN SURPRISE! - Pregnant Challenge 35

The mystery cane is found to belong to Nawwaf Cheney, an elderly Sim. The KPopp party at the festival gets interesting when everyone is getting hailed on and they retreat to the barn. KPopp comments on how beautiful the family tree now looks. Kelly KPopp is still upset over the death of Stray Dog, so she starts playing the bass to forget. KPopp adds the first Bonehilda to the family, and ages up Aimee Riggins to try and kill her, but she escapes.

Kelly Kpopp finds a unicorn called Sutter Horse and adds him to the active family, naming him The Clap KPopp after the Mad Clapper, and changing his appearance in Create a Sim.

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