The Sims 3 - Freaky Bonehilda(s) - Pregnant Challenge 3615:02

The Sims 3 - Freaky Bonehilda(s) - Pregnant Challenge 36

The Sims 3 - Freaky Bonehilda(s) - Pregnant Challenge #36
Upload date May 16, 2013
Pregnancies Anorexia KPopp by Daron Byrd
Introduced Sims
Kicked out
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Episode 35 Episode 37

KPopp buys another five Bonehilda coffins, and wonders which kids she should use next in the challenge. VaggySunshine heads out on a date as all of the Bonehildas awaken. One of the Bonehildas has a red dress instead. Anorexia runs away from the Bonehildas as she is a coward. Kpopp joins VaggySunshine and sees that she is on a date with Daron Byrd who has been difficult to recruit as a baby daddy in the past. We see that Slut Muffin is now working in the consignment store for a living. VaggySunshine brings Daron home with her to the house of madness and asks him to try for a baby with her in the tree house. They do the deed, but we do not hear the pregnant jingle noise. Anorexia pees herself, but after Bitch Pudding and her greedy vagina are out of the way Anorexia tries for a baby in the tree house with Daron as well, but this time we actually hear the pregnant jingle. Three of the Bonehildas gather around Poppy Cat and KPopp is worried they will perform some freaky voodoo on him. They are seen bothering Rabbit Dog KPopp soon after.

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