The Sims 3 - 20 Bonehilde Experiment - The Pregnant Challenge 3712:40

The Sims 3 - 20 Bonehilde Experiment - The Pregnant Challenge 37

The Sims 3 - 20+ Bonehilde Experiment - The Pregnant Challenge #37
Upload date May 21, 2013
Births Tallywacker KPopp
Introduced Sims
Kicked out
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Episode 36 Episode 38

KPopp wonders what it would be like if Bonehilda could get pregnant, and what the child would be like. VaggySunshine KPopp is still on a date with Daron Byrd but KPopp makes her accept a date request with another guy to see what happens. She meets Mario Cole down town and finds he is barely even her acquaintance, and KPopp wonders why he asked her on a date. Meanwhile Kelly KPopp wonders over to check on Boots Honeypie but can't find her. KPopp notices that Accident KPopp has not aged at all and wonders why, as she has enabled ageing. She buys horse things for The Clap as she suddenly remembers that she didn't buy them when she first got the unicorn. KPopp saves the game before adding twenty more Bonehilda coffins as a test to see whether the game completely breaks down. As they awaken, Bitch Pudding goes into labour. Before KPopp is able to send her to the hospital, she gives birth to a little boy and calls him Tallywacker. KPopp buys the "Fertility Treatment" lifetime reward for Bitch Pudding, VaggySunshine and Anorexia to increase the chance of having twin and triplet births in future.

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