The Sims 3 - Supernatural Infects Maid! - Pregnant Challenge 3815:37

The Sims 3 - Supernatural Infects Maid! - Pregnant Challenge 38

The Sims 3 - Supernatural Infects Maid - Pregnant Challenge #38
Upload date May 24, 2013
Births Jarvis Parrott
Introduced Sims
Kicked out
Kicked Out Anorexia KPopp, Tallywacker KPopp, Rabbit Dog KPopp, Menice Little Dog

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Episode 37 Episode 39

Jonathan Farley asks Bitch Pudding on a date. The Bonehildas gather around Tallywacker, who has been left out in the rain. A notification appears to let Accident know he is now a father. KPopp sells a lot of the Bonehilda coffins, leaving only three, to make things more manageable. KPopp zooms to Bitch Pudding to check on her date and finds a whole load of Sims stuck in bushes of death. KPopp uses "resetsim" to free her and once Bitch Pudding gets home she throws a gift-giving party. Tallywacker is still out in the rain so KPopp sends Accident to pick him up. After noticing how much Anorexia hates the Bonehildas, KPopp kicks her out along with the dogs and Tallywacker. After messing around with the mailbox, KPopp notices one of the Bonehildas has become a fairy.Sewage Skank and Duck Face join the household after showing up as guests at the party. Another Bonehilda becomes toadified.

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