The Sims 3 - GOODBYE, Accident! - Pregnant Challenge 4109:18

The Sims 3 - GOODBYE, Accident! - Pregnant Challenge 41

The Sims 3 - GOODBYE, Accident! - Pregnant Challenge #41
Upload date June 4th, 2013
Deaths Accident KPopp
Introduced Sims
Kicked out
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Episode 40 Episode 42

Hairy Vag is still waiting for Anorexia to come home so KPopp can age up her kids. However, Anorexia faints at the sight of him due to having the Coward trait. When she finally lets him in KPopp can only find Tallywacker, not Anorexia's own kids, but she still transitions him to toddler and then child. Eventually Sharla appears in the living room so KPopp transitions her too. Anorexia kicks Hairy Vag out of the house. Suddenly Jerry appears in the garden, but despite clicking it several times, he doesn't seem to age up. Hairy Vag invites Kate Lyon over but they STILL cannot try for a baby. This makes KPopp mad and asks the viewers to help her out. The rest of the family are sate having tea together and KPopp makes the momentous decision to kill Accident by triggering his age transition. KPopp wants Bitch Pudding to flirt with Death but Kate Lyon gets in there first and hugs him, causing KPopp to call her a slut. KPopp lovingly places his grave next to that of Stray Dog and states that Kelly will be next.

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