Episode title
Upload date June 12th, 2013
Pregnancies Lily Lum by Hairy Vag KPopp
Deaths Cruz Martingale, Kelly KPopp
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Hannah Fergueson
Kicked out
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The Sims 3 She's Gone Pregnant Challenge 43

The Sims 3 She's Gone Pregnant Challenge 43

Due to a glitch, The Clap's horse butt appears through the wall like a ghost's would. KPopp tries to get VaggySunshine to try for a baby with Walter Atwood and even places a shower in the garden to try and make things easier. It still doesn't work so Jonathan Farley is invited over instead. When he doesn't appear Sewage Skank invites Walter in. VaggySunshine is about to go and try for a baby in the shower when Bitch Pudding decides to go and shower instead, effectively cock-blocking her aunt. KPopp wonders if the recent bad luck is actually a curse placed on them. Duck Face is aged up to an adult so he can start making babies. Bitch Pudding is allowed another trait due to her social group status and KPopp chooses the default "Computer Whiz". Bonehilda watches Hairy Vag and Lily Lum trying for a baby in the shower. Duck Face invites Hannah Fergueson over but as she is standing behind a tree, KPopp doesn't notice when she arrives on the lot, so she sends Duck Face over to the festival where he talks to Aimme Williams. Kelly heads out on a date with Pablo Martinez and KPopp kills her while on her date. Good guy Duck Face appears on the scene and ignores Vallari Chandra and takes the grave back home. KPopp places her grave with the others and engraves "Always a skankface. Babies ferdayz." as Kelly's epitaph.