Herpes KPopp
Herpes KPopp
Name Herpes KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Parents Aunt Ana KPopp
Malcolm Weathers
Spouse Summer Holiday
Siblings Cheesy Vagina KPopp
Squishy KPopp
Hair color Blond
Body shape Thin
Traits Good
Alluring (bonus trait)
Lifetime wish/aspiration Social Butterfly
Other information
First appearance Episode 11 (The Sims 4)

Born in Episode 11 to Aunt Ana as her first child, Herpes was yet another one of the children who had the same clothing as Tentacle Testi. After his clothing was changed, it was revealed that his party outfit involved the head of the hot dog outfit. 

In Episode 17 Herpes got married to Summer Holiday, a girl who previously was being worked on by Testi, and in the same episode he was able to try for baby with her. Sadly, in Episode 18 he was kicked out with his cousin Pee Stain, and the two went to go live with Herpes's wife.

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