Hookah boots online dating profile
Hookah Boots KPopp
Name Hookah Boots KPopp
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Alton Yamamoto
Children LaShawn Madrigal, Kristie Parrott
Hair color Brown
Traits Absent Minded, Clumsy, Mooch, Good Sense of Humor, Unflirty
Sign Capricorn
Other information
Baby mommas Marjorie Madrigal, Jazlyn Parrott
First appearance Episode 3

Hookah Boots KPopp is the fourth child of Kelly KPopp. Hookah Boots is part of first pair of twins in the challenge, his twin being Sludge Hooker. KPopp was pleased to see that Hookah Boots and his sister picked up the "cute gene" from their father, who remained the butler for a while after they were born. Not many KPopp children grew up with there father present so in a way they were lucky.

Early lifeEdit

In episode 7 a notification appeared saying that he had become romantically involved with Leeann Diamond. She came home from school with him, but KPopp did not approve of her gold-digging ways and told Hookah Boots to be mean to her. However, on seeing that Hookah Boots liked her, she let Kelly insult and argue with her instead.

Once Kelly had six kids roaming around the house (including Hookah Boots), she decided they were cock-blocking and misbehaving too much to stand and kicked them all out. Not long after they left Kelly tried online dating and found out that Hookah Boots and Accident had made profiles too.

Current lifeEdit

Hookah Boots was invited back briefly in the Baby Farm Era to impregnate the town's women, but was kicked out again due to the lack of space for new people.


Hookah Boots is the father of LaShawn Madrigal and Kristie Parrott. KPopp seemed to forget that he managed to impregnate  Marjorie Madrigal and Jazlyn Parrott as she was surprised to see the kids when she looked at the family tree in a later episode.


  • Hookah Boots as a child
  • Hookah Boots as a teenager
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