Horn Dog toddler
Horn Dog KPopp
Name Horn Dog KPopp
Gender Male
Age Child
Life state Alien
Parents Kelly KPopp and Voohon Vajjer
Traits Clumsy, Insane, Mean Spirited
Other information
First appearance Episode 25

Horn Dog KPopp is the last child Kelly KPopp, after giving birth to Horn Dog she became an elder and therefore could no longer have babies. Horn Dog is Kelly's twentieth child, and second alien child, the first being Hairy Vag.

His nephew Constipation was born minutes after him. Constipation is also his half-brother as they have the same father. KPopp commented on how they were like twins, being aliens born at the same time.

He was kicked out with Slutty M., Ruben Z. Dix and Constipation so the pregnant challenge could continue.