Jazlyn Parrott
Name Jazlyn Parrott
Gender Female
Life state Vampire
Career Shopping Music DJ
Siblings Hailey Shepherd, Alani Shepherd
Children Damian Parrott
Ethan Parrott
Ismael Parrott
Jarvis Parrott
Kristie Parrott
Tanesha Parrott
Hair color Brown
Body shape Thin
Traits Brave
Light Sleeper
Sign Virgo
Lifetime wish/aspiration Surrounded by Family
Favorite music Classical
Favorite food Waffles
Favorite color Grey
Other information
Baby daddies Accident KPopp
Hookah Boots KPopp
Kanoa Parrott
TittySprinkle KPopp
First appearance Episode 3
Jazlyn Parrott is a Sim living in Appaloosa Plains. It could be said that Jazlyn is Kelly KPopp's true arch nemesis (rather than Vallari Chandra), as they have screwed around with each other's families, creating a very messy family tree. She is a well-known baby momma.

Kelly had babies with Jazlyn's partner (Kanoa) and her son (Ethan), while Jazlyn has had babies with two of Kelly's sons (Hookah Boots and Accident) which has made some interesting links between the two families.

As Jazlyn is a vampire, she has a longer life-span, so it feels like she has been around forever. Indeed she was seen at the costume party in Episode 3, and must have been at least young adult then as she had two children.

She has been a vampire for a long time, and possibly turned several other Sims. However, her older children Ismael and Ethan are not vampires. We do not know for sure whether Jarvis or Kristie are vampires, but Kristie looks quite demonic on the family tree and has aged quite quickly, so it is likely.

Due to age-transitioning Jazlyn's son Ethan died of old-age while she was not yet an elder. Presumably she also out-lived Kanoa, as he has not been seen for quite a while.

Her life-time wish is Surrounded by Family, which means she wants to raise five kids to teenagers, which she will be able to complete it when Kristie, Jarvis and the twins, Damian and Tanishia, grow into teens.

She is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.