Julio Nix
Name Julio Nix
Gender Male
Children Vulva Smiles KPopp
Tentacle Testi KPopp
Catastrophe KPopp
Hair color Brown
Other information
Baby mommas Vaggy Sunshine KPopp
First appearance Episode 1 (The Sims 4)

Julio Nix is a baby daddy of Vaggy Sunshine KPopp in The Sims 4.

Personality Edit

Julio is a nice guy at heart but does bad things like throwing trash on the front lawn, Julio was very friendly to Vaggy Sunshine and was heartbroken when they broke up. Theyre now good friends.

Pregnant Challange Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Julio is first seen in the Oasis Springs Park playing chess with Jasmine Troutman, after talking for awhile Julio and Vaggy become good friends and they go out on a date. The date goes pretty well and Vaggy eventually goes home because it is very late. 

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