Kanoa Parrott
Name Kanoa Parrott
Gender Male
Life state Human
Career Getaway Driver
Children Ethan Parrott, Dick Ballswor KPopp, Ismael Parrott
Hair color Brown
Body shape Fit
Traits Flirty, Inappropriate, Schmoozer, Commitment Issues, Party Animal
Sign Taurus
Lifetime wish/aspiration Heartbreaker
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Hamburger
Favorite color Turquoise
Other information
Baby mommas Jazlyn Parrott, Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 6
Kanoa Parrott first met Kelly KPopp when she went to the Parrott household in episode 6 in search of men. After ensuring she was pregnant by his son, she proceeded to flirt with him to have the next man already lined up. He was her sixth baby daddy and fathered her seventh child, Dick Ballswor.

Kanoa is Ethan Parrott's father, and is also Road Waste's grandfather. KPopp noted the family tree was pretty messed up because of that.

In episode 25 when Kelly stole Poppy Cat and killed a bunch of Sims to take the Parrott household, Kanoa wasn't there. We can probably assume he is dead, as Kelly's other baby daddies are starting to die now too.

He is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and is on The Sims Wiki.