Lily lum
Lily Lum
Name Lily Lum
Gender Female
Age Adult
Spouse Theodore Lum
Children Lawrence Lum, Davis Lum
Hair color Black
Body shape Thin
Traits Snob, Light Sleeper, Charismatic, Lucky, Mean Spirited
Lifetime wish/aspiration Super Popular
Favorite music Custom
Favorite food Lobster Thermidor
Favorite color Red
Other information
Baby daddies Theodore Lum, Hairy Vag KPopp
First appearance Episode 42

Lily Lum is a resident who Hairy Vag impregnated in episode 43. Her first appearence was in episode 42, and was said by KPopp to have a werewolf face. She was the backup choice girl, due to Kate Lyon being a townie and unable to get pregnant.

KPopp nearly mistook her for a KPopp daughter, presumably Sludge Hooker, because they have a similar hairstyle.

She has had Hairy Vag's child, a boy named Davis. We can see on the family tree he is a ghost, but we do not know if he is an alien.

Lily is a pre-made Sim of the Lum family from the Sims 3 Family Bin, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.