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Twins and triplets born in the Pregnant Challenge.

The Sims 3Edit

  1. Sludge Hooker KPoppHookah Boots KPopp
  2. Sewage Skank KPoppSlutty M. KPopp
    • Kelly KPopp gave birth to these twins in the bathroom of the Children's Barracks because she didn't get to the hospital in time.
  3. Cinderblock KPoppButt Knocker KPopp
    • These twins are vampires, which KPopp doesn't always remember. Cinderblock looks a lot like her mother Kelly KPopp.
  4. OthaWhiteMeat KPoppVaggySunshine KPopp
    • As VaggySunshine was dubbed "the Golden Child" not long after she was born, OthaWhiteMeat was somewhat neglected by her mother. OthaWhiteMeat looks a lot like Kelly.
  5. Sharla KPoppJerry KPopp
    • As they were not born in the KPopp household, KPopp was not able to name them, so their mother Anorexia KPopp did.
  6. AMANDA BYNES KPoppMiley Cyrus KPopp
    • VaggySunshine KPopp's twin girls, soon kicked out along with all the other KPopps except their mother.

The Sims 4Edit

  1. Vulva Smiles KPoppTentacle Testi KPop
    • Unlike some of the kids in the Sims 3, these two came out looking kinda okay.
  2. Cheesy Vagina & Squishy
  3. Butter Balls & Cheese Puff

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