Malcolm Weathers
Name Malcolm Weathers
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Alive
Species Human
Career Unknown
Children Herpes KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Thin
Traits Unknown
Lifetime wish/aspiration Unknown
Other information
Game The Sims 4
Baby mommas Anorexia KPopp
First appearance Episode 9
Malcolm Weathers was the first baby daddy of Anorexia KPopp in the Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge. He is the first baby daddy after the VaggySunshine KPopp incident that occured in the episode "R.I.P!".

Biography Edit

Life in Oasis SpringsEdit

Malcom was first seen in the episode "New Queen Bee!," when Anorexia KPopp was out and about to introduce herself to all of the men around the town, where she met Malcolm in the small building in the local park, where he was seen reading a book. Anorexia made the usual friendly to flirty conversation, where after a few chats and flirtations, the two had their first kiss and went on a date to the KPopp house (formerly the Wurth house).

Anorexia immediately took him to the bedroom to WooHoo with him, but most likely to just to get impregnated by him. She rushed to WooHoo with him because she was about to pee herself and avoid to die from emberassment, like her sister VaggySunshine did. After the WooHoo, Anorexia immediately rushed to the toilet to get a pregnancy test, where she was announced to be pregnant.

A few minutes pass by and a pop-up told the date was unsuccessful, which had upset Anorexia. However, Malcolm was seen to be smiling but a little uncomfortable when he was leaving, which shows that he enjoyed the date as much as Anorexia did, because he got laid.


  • Malcolm seen chatting with Anorexia. (Anorexia is cropped out)
  • Malcolm and Anorexia on their the KPopp house.
  • Malcolm after the date.

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