Maya Gunter cop
Maya Gunter
Name Maya Gunter
Gender Female
Age Young Adult / Adult
Life state Human
Species Human
Career Police Officer (Pressumed to be Fired)
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Thin
Other information
First appearance Episode 34

Maya Gunter is a police officer and resident of Appaloosa Plains. The KPopps have tried to recruit her as a baby momma but did not succeed.

Maya first appeared in Episode 34 to break up Kelly's Juice Kegger party. Accident tried to chat her up and make her his next baby momma but he was only given the option to Woo Hoo, not to try for a baby, and she eventually left the lot after grabbing a free coffee and some juice.

She appeared again in Episode 47 and Kelly noted that she was probably just as confused as everyone else as to what was happening because she was just standing there. Butt Knocker made the moves on her the second she arrived and she just couldn't say no to his pink haired vampireness. During her time there Butt Knocker couldn't find anywhere to baby make with her because the showers were either broken, or being cleaned by the Bonehildas.

So they took it to the tree house where she also didn't want to try for a baby, so Kelly just decided to let them plain "Woo Hoo" anyway in the tree house. Maya stayed until morning where she was trying to search the computer without a warrant. Butt Knocker was too scared by the Bonehildas and Poppy Cat to kick her out. After this happened Kelly experimented with cheats and deleted Maya's cop car, then the creepy ice cream truck. Maya then said she was tired and had to walk home because her car was gone. She was probably fired when she got to the police station for losing her vehicle.

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