Miles schipano profile
Miles Schipano
Name Miles Schipano
Gender Male
Life state Human
Children Sewage Skank KPopp, Slutty M. KPopp
Hair color Brunette
Sign Taurus
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 4
Miles Schipano was found crying over some graves at a haunted house when Kelly was out looking for men. He was her seventh baby daddy and father of her second set of twins, Sewage Skank and Slutty M.. He was briefly seen outside the prom in episode 4, but Kelly was more focussed on what was happening with her kids to go talk to him.

They first met at the spooky festival, and watched the stars together. By flirting with each other, Kelly and Miles made Kanoa Parrott jealous. However this did not worry KPopp as she was done with Kanoa, he'd served his purpose.

It was a struggle to have a baby with Miles as Kelly had six of her kids in the house. They kept sleeping in her bed, so she bought a hot tub, but her and Miles couldn't try for a baby with the kids roaming the yard all the time and trying to talk to him. Obviously they did eventually manage to try for a baby.

In episode 25 he died at a party Anorexia KPopp was attending, causing everyone's mood to crash, and Anorexia to faint from seeing the Grim Reaper.

He is probably related to Matt and Judd Schipano (as they share the same name) but we do not know how (siblings, children, etc.).