Pee Stain KPopp
Name Pee Stain KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Parents Vaggy Sunshine KPopp (The Sims 4)
Tom Wurth
Siblings Vulva Smiles KPopp
Tentacle Testi KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Normal
Traits Goofball

Self-Assured Materialistic

Lifetime wish/aspiration Rambunctious Scamp

Mansion Barron

Other information
First appearance Episode 8 (The Sims 4)

As soon as young Pee Stain was aged up he was given a make over. His mother Vaggy Sunshine and his half-brother Colt Wurth urinated on themselves and died from embarrassment. He then begged to Death for his mother to live, but it didn't work and he ended up becoming depressed. He then urinated in his pants in front of his half-sister Vulva Smiles

He and the rest of his siblings were left to be looked after by Aunt Ana, who had to continue the family job of the Pregnant Challenge instead of Vaggy Sunshine. He and his siblings were ignored by their new guardian, and instead of looking after them, she got laid. Young Pee Stain ended up crying in the shower, which made KPopp get motivated to make Ana try to be a good guardian for the children.

In Episode 10 Pee Stain was finally able to get out of his depression, and in Episode 15 he was aged up along with his other siblings to Young Adult. He and his older brother then started to get to work on the neighborhood girls by inviting them over. Pee Stain managed to beat his brother to trying to woo hooing with a girl he picked off of the street named Natasha, but she walked away before it happaned, and in Episode 16 it was revealed that she aged up to an elder.

In Episode 18 Pee Stain went to go vist his older siblings Vulva and Testi, who where kicked out back in Episode 16. After a nice hug from his brother, he met a girl named Dina Caliente, but it didn't end off too well. He tried to invtite her over, but she was busy.

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