Pussy Popper KPopp
Name Pussy Popper KPopp
Gender Male
Age Baby
Life state Vampire
Parents Cinderblock KPopp

Anthony Springer

Other information
First appearance Episode 49

Pussy Popper KPopp is the first child of Cinderblock, he is also vampire. He was born in episode 49 during the last minutes of the episode. He was then put out in the snow shortly after birth when Kelly had to tell Cinderblock to pick him up. In episode 51, Pussy Popper kept getting covered up in snow, like his uncle Diabeetus the first baby popsicle, as The Clap ran around him nearly crushing him.

Sick of every one picking him up and putting him back down, Cinderblock  took him on her date with Mario Cole at the library, as if sampling what they were going to make if her mission was successful. Cinderblock's date failed and she was going to leave the baby, but KPopp didn't want to feel bad so she made Cinderblock pick him up and take him home.


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