Got this idea from the table Allundertherainbow made on the Hunger Games wiki. It's another, more visual way of identifying who has had kids with loads of people, without using lists.

The green means they had a kid, the number is how many. Blue is a pregnancy where the child has not been born yet. Red indicates they cannot/will not have kids as they are related eg. father and daughter.

The KPopps are along the top and their victims down the side.

Sewage Skank and VaggySunshine's most recent kids are not included as we have not confirmed who the fathers are. The male table is obviously not as large but hopefully a few more of the KPopp kids will have children themselves.

The totals indicate the totals on the table rather than the actual totals in game. This table will need updating periodically, but do not attempt to do so unless you are fairly confident with editing.

Kelly Anorexia Sludge Hooker Sewage Skank Slutty M. Cinder-block Otha-WhiteMeat Vaggy-Sunshine Anal Dribble Bitch Pudding
Benjamin 1
Booker 1 related
Alton 2 related
Jak 1 related
Ethan 1
Kanoa 1
Miles 2 related related
Cornell 2 related
Robert 2 related related
Zac 1
Rodney 1 related
Cameron 1
Jaime 1
Xias 1
Aleksey 1 related
Voohon 1 1
Anthony 1 1 1 1
Delbert 1
Conrad 1
Narwhal 1 1
Jose 1
Daron 2
TOTAL 20 4 1 0 2  ? 0 2 0 2
Accident Hookah Boots Pig Shanks Road Waste Dick Ballswor Butt Knocker Titty-Sprinkle Ruben Z. Dix Diabeetus Duck Face Hairy Vag Horn Dog
Marjorie 1 1
Leeann 1
Sonia 1
Mona 1
Jazlyn 1 1 2
Lily 1
Gwen ?
TOTAL 1 2 1 (adopted) 0 0 0 2 4 0  ? 1 0

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