Robert olsen c
Robert Olsen
Name Robert Olsen
Gender Male
Life state Ghost
Career Unemployed
Children OthaWhiteMeat KPopp, VaggySunshine KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Traits Bookworm, Friendly, Handy, Brave, Great Kisser
Sign Virgo
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp

Robert Olsen and Kelly KPopp met through online dating. He is her ninth baby daddy of the series and is the father of her fourth and final set of twins, OthaWhiteMeat and VaggySunshine.

When picking who to invite round, Kelly chose Robert because of his bright hair. Because they made friends online, it was really easy to try for babies with this guy, and he produced the amazing VaggySunshine, "the Golden Child," so he is arguably the most important baby daddy of the series.


  • Robert Olsen as an old man.

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