Ruben Z. Dix KPopp
Name Ruben Z. Dix KPopp
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Rodney Singleton
Children Kendrick Madrigal, Keenan Diamond, Nolan Jasper, Clarence Holbrook
Traits Clumsy, Family Oriented, Hydrophobic, Loser, Cat Person
Sign Pisces
Other information
Baby mommas Marjorie Madrigal, Leeann Diamond, Sonia Jasper, Mona Holbrook

Ruben Z. Dix is Kelly KPopp's fifteenth child and was named after KPopp's longest running series Skyrim's protagonist, Ruben Z. Dix.

Life and childrenEdit

He was the first son to be brought back in the Baby Farm era and was a great success, impregnating four different women. KPopp let him stay so she could be notified of Kelly's grandchildren's births but kicked him out before the fourth child Clarence Holbrook was born.

Sadly, though he has four children, only two are still in the neighbourhood. Clarence Holbrook moved away with his family when Jeb Holbrook died, and Nolan Jasper is dead.


  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen
  • young adult in the baby farm era