Tallywacker and accident
Tallywacker KPopp
Name Tallywacker KPopp
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Bitch Pudding KPopp and Jose Hawkins
Siblings Accident II KPopp
Traits Friendly
Other information
Game The Sims 3
Tallywacker KPopp was not born in a hospital as KPopp was busy freaking out over the multiple Bonehildas she just added to the house. He is the second child of Bitch Pudding, making him also the second grandchild of Pig Shanks and second great-grandchild of Kelly. Bitch Pudding placed him on the ground outside where he was presumably stepped on and crushed by The Clap. He, like his great-uncle Diabeetus KPopp, was left out in bad weather and no one would help him. Instead he was surrounded by clapping Bonehildas and Poppy Cat, which probably scarred him for life. Only Accident cared enough to take care of him after Kelly KPopp brought him in. He along with Anorexia, Rabbit Dog and Menice Little Dog were kicked out in Episode 38.


  • Evil Bonehilda Baby Ritual