Tentacle Testi KPopp
Name Tentacle Testi KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Parents Vaggy Sunshine KPopp (The Sims 4)
Julio Nix
Siblings Vulva Smiles KPopp and Pee Stain KPopp
Hair color Dark Brown
Body shape Normal
Traits Alluring

Insane Clumsy Romantic

Lifetime wish/aspiration Rambunctious Scamp

Serial Romantic

Other information
First appearance Episode 4 (The Sims 4)

Tentacle Testi KPopp is the son of Vaggy Sunshine KPopp in The Sims 4. He is the twin of Vulva Smiles KPopp. Testi never got along with his sister Vulva that much, but they where okay together sometimes. Most of the time he was just more interested in playing games then anything else. Just like his sister, he didn't care that much when his mother got married, or when she died. At the time, he was busy playing computer games upstairs while his younger brother Pee Stain was crying his eyes out. 

He was aged up in episode 15, and it was desided that he and Pee Stain would start impregnanting while Aunt Ana is pregnant. They where unsucessful though, but Pee Stain was quite close to it with a girl he picked up off of the street. He was moved out in Episode 16 along with his sister Vulva.

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