TittySprinkle KPopp
Name TittySprinkle KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Species Human
Career Unemployed
Parents Kelly KPopp
Zac Whipsnake
Children Damian Parrott
Tanesha Parrott
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Thin
Traits Athletic
Natural Born Performer
Sign Capricorn
Lifetime wish/aspiration Master Acrobat
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Vegetarian Grilled Salmon
Favorite color Yellow
Other information
Game The Sims 3
Baby mommas Jazlyn Parrott
First appearance Episode 14

TittySprinkle KPopp is the fourteenth child of Kelly KPopp and was the first single birth after three sets of twins. KPopp unfortunately lost some of the footage she recorded of TittySprinkle being born, his first appearance was in Episode 14 however he was born prior to this episode off-screen.

As he was the first child after VaggySunshine, not much notice was taken of TittySprinkle.

TittySprinkle was a possible candidate for the Baby Farm at one point, but KPopp chose Ruben Z. Dix instead. He had rejoined the household in episode 47.

In episode 51, TittySprinkle found out that he was the father to a set of twins, Damian Parrott and Tanesha Parrott. They were born outside of the KPopp household to Jazlyn Parrott who is the mother of them.


  • Toddler TittySprinkle
  • Child TittySprinkle
  • Teen TittySprinkle
  • TittySprinkle having a nap in a blizzard
  • Family Tree, TittySprinkle (top), Tanesha (left) and Damian (right)

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