Tom Wurth
Name Tom Wurth
Gender Male
Spouse Jasmine Wurth (ex-wife)

Vaggy Sunshine KPopp (ex-wife)

Children Pee Stain KPopp
Hair color Brown
Other information
Baby mommas Vaggy Sunshine KPopp
First appearance Episode 3 (The Sims 4)

Tom Wurth is a baby daddy of Vaggy Sunshine KPopp in The Sims 4. He was married to Jasmine Wurth with 2 kids until Vaggy convinced him to leave his wife. After a while, Vaggy Sunshine proposed to him and they got married. Vaggy and her kids moved into the Wurth Residence and planned to kill Tom - until Vaggy died and then was replaced by Anorexia "Aunt Ana" KPopp. He is currently still living in the Wurth Residence, but his ex-wife Jasmine and two kids were kicked out. He was then kicked out in Episode 13 so Aunt Ana could have her next child with Abel Corbin.

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