UPDATE: from now on I will post about this on my Tumblr blog instead of clogging up this wiki :)

Ok, so I am really excited about this! I am starting another pregnant challenge, but it will more closely resemble what KPopp did this time. I have made a Sim that vaguely resembles me (darn you curly hair!) and I have given them the same traits as Kelly KPopp to help things along. I am going to place them in Appaloosa Plains and wait for the fun to begin! I will update this blog post as I go, this is going to be great!

Here's Hannah, my Sim:

Hannah bodyshots

She is going to be a writer to earn some money on the side as I don't want to just spam motherlode (although I will probably use kaching if I get desparate). I will use testingcheats enabled to add the women who get pregnant into the family so I can name the kids.

I am going to name my kids after Pokémon because I am just cruel like that and I won't ever run out of names. I will list the kids here along with their genders, fathers and whether they are supernatural or not. I am getting Hannah to take selfies with the kids once they reach teenager age, because why not. It is kinda funny how she doesn't quite put her arm around them and her hand awkwardly hovers.


  • 001 Bulbasaur
  • 002 Ivysaur
  • 003 Venusaur
  • 004 Charmander
  • 005 Charmeleon
  • 006 Charizard
  • 007 Squirtle
  • 008 Wartortle
  • 009 Blastoise
  • 010 Caterpie
  • 011 Metapod
  • 012 Butterfree
  • 013 Weedle
  • 014 Kakuna
  • 015 Beedrill
  • 016 Pidgey
  1. Bulbasaur ♀ (Kanoa Parrott)
    1. Chikorita ♀ (James Bedlington)
  2. Ivysaur ♂ (Jermey Waite)
    1. Bayleef ♂ (Benni Hennessey)
  3. Venusaur ♂ (Calvin Riffin)
    1. Meganium ♀ (Vallari Chandra) [fairy]
  4. Charmander ♀ (Kenji Midden) [vampire]
    1. Cyndaquil ♀ (Kendrick Polk) [vampire]
  5. Charmeleon ♂ (Kenji Midden)
  6. Charizard ♀ (Cornell Riffin)
  7. Squirtle ♀ (Cornell Riffin)
  8. Wartortle ♂ (Johnny Johnson) [fairy]
  9. Blastoise ♀ (Dakota Fox)
  10. Caterpie ♂ (Dakota Fox)
  11. Metapod ♀ (Booker Singleton)
  12. Butterfree ♂ (Booker Singleton) [witch]
  13. Weedle ♀ (Booker Singleton) [witch]
  14. Kakuna ♀ (Blair Boling)
  15. Beedrill ♀ (Blair Boling)
  16. Pidgey ♀ (Blair Boling)
  17. Pidgeotto ♀ (Bertram Bedlington)
  18. Pidgeot ♂ (Bertram Bedlington) [fairy]
  19. Rattata ♂ (Hiller Flint)
  20. Raticate ♂ (Rodney Singleton)
  21. Spearow ♀ (Rodney Singleton)
  22. Fearow ♂ (Eduardo Hamby)
  23. Ekans ♀ (Barrington Diamond)
  24. Arbok ♂ (Barrington Diamond) [werewolf]
  25. Pikachu ♀ (Barrington Diamond) [werewolf]

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