Voohon Vajjer
Name Voohon Vajjer
Gender Male
Life state Alien
Children Horn Dog KPopp, Constipation KPopp
Traits Great Kisser
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp, Slutty M. KPopp
First appearance Episode 23

Voohon Vajjer is one of the many baby daddies in the Pregnant Challenge. He is an alien, the second one to be used for babies (the first being Xias Pollination Technician). He was invited to the KPopp family house during the pregnancy party in episode 23 to father a batch of babies at the Baby Farm. In this episode Kelly commented on his rocking hair.

Voohon is father to Kelly's twentieth child (Horn Dog) and to Slutty M.'s second child (Constipation KPopp). This makes him the first Sim to have children with two different generations of KPopp, and the only one to have a baby with both Kelly and one of her daughters. KPopp intended for him to have a baby with VaggySunshine too, but he left the party early.